Online Dating Sites: Are They Worth The Time And Money?

These days, most people develop their relationships not after meeting in person, but after meeting online. Meeting online is the new norm, and while there are many different types of websites and medians that help facilitate this process, one of the most effective are online dating websites. When most sign up for online relationship websites, one of the main questions is whether they are worth the time and money. If you’re concerned about these factors, below is a way that you can certainly ensure that your investment provides you with the max return.

Cultivate Your Relationships

Online dating websites are only worthwhile if you are able to really cultivate your relationships. To cultivate your relationships, you should try and answer many of the inquiries that people send to you. Furthermore, you also may want to put in your own efforts into finding someone. If purpose of the website you are using is to help individuals find a serious relationship and that is really what you want, then you need to do everything possible to attain that when you use the website. As a result, you can be sure that your money will be worth the investment.


The Time Concern

In terms of the time concern, you’ll find that a website that helps you find a relationship can take a great deal of time and effort on your behalf. You may find yourself spending hours trying to find the perfect relationship and messaging individuals to learn more about them. However, throughout this entire process, you may be wondering how worthwhile your efforts are. When it comes to this aspect, you just need to think of things in the long term. If you think of it in the short term and questions how much time you are spending, you are quickly going to give up. On the other hand, if you view things in the long term, then you’ll realize that everything that you are doing is for the betterment of your future.

The Overall Consensus

In sum, joining a website that helps you find and improve your relationship is highly beneficial if you are able to understand the long term impact that it will have. Thinking of things in the short term will only discourage you from participating because it is unlikely that you’ll see short term results. Yet, you should also keep in mind that it is also possible.

Let’s Hang Out': Friendship Or Dating?

There are certain things in life which makes you to get worried to a greater extent. It’s not terrorism, an increase in the price of the petrol or global warming. Obviously, even these things make you worry but in a different manner. There are also certain things which make your palm sweat to a greater extent and your pulse rate increases to a greater level when someone asks you for a date with them or asking someone else to date with you.

Asking someone to date is really a tedious task rather than hanging out with friends. There are chances when the person whom you had called for date may not reply to you as you expected. Obviously that hurts. A person with greater self confidence takes everything in a positive manner, even in the case of rejection as well.

In such cases, it’s better to say let’s hang out with friends. While you hang out with your friends there will be no afraid of being rejected or being hurt. You can just stay free out of all tensions. There are more benefits of hanging out with friends as you can enjoy to the core, you can even enjoy with your date, but in addition to enjoyment you need to keep yourself ready to face rejection and hurt.

Most people suffer from the fear of rejection. When such a situation arises, you end up staying in a friend zone, which seems like a hell in the relationship if you happen to have a crush on someone.

Reason for hanging out

If you want to hang out with someone just go ahead, but make sure that you are aware of that person. Just don’t say let’s hang out just because the person is cute and not knowing anything else about him. You might not have anything in common with the person with whom you are going to date. They just hang out regularly, creates confusion as well as tension which can easily be exhausted.

Make it a point to remember that when it is the proper time for friendship and go ahead. If you find a person attractive and you can’t stop thinking about them and you are not at all satisfied with the intimacy provided by that friendship, and then consider that it is the best time to ask for a date instead of asking for hang out. Here the problem is not whether the person needs date or not, actually they are afraid whether another person also feels the same or not.

Once you are rejected means you should not get scared and you should afraid to date or hang out again. You can overcome below mentioned steps by following below mentioned steps-

  • Something in life needs more improvement rather than just searching for boyfriend/ girlfriend. You need to develop your passion which excites you and gives more meaning to your life. It should be thrilling and daunting as well. It just not only provides focus and attention, but it also helps you to build your own self esteem.
  • If you are having sufficient courage and self esteem even the pain of rejection can’t change you like because you know who you are. The best alternative to this hanging out which can give you a lucky break.

Why Holidays Endanger Relationships

Holidays are the most special events which can be made very memorable with our partner. But at times, holidays can affect your relationship status to worse possible extent. Most of us plan for high expectations during holidays. Some women plan months before about their vacation, but things in fact and in reality don’t go as per your plans which may not give you relaxed experience. This can lead to breaking apart in the relationship after the holidays. There are certain circumstances which can put your relationship into strain.

Being too much engaged in social media or engaging in call with your friends can lead to disturbance for your privacy. Firstly, let’s think what’s the main reason for going for a holiday? The main reason is in our day-to-day life we get very much busy in our office work and other household chores. As such, we don’t get sufficient time to spend with each other. To spend quality time with each other most of the couples plan for holidays. Obviously, when you keep yourself busy with your own activities during the holidays, it will lead to a gap in a relationship.

Here are some tips for safe and secured relationships and holidays-

  • To have a happy relationships and holidays, a de-stress session by counselors can be really helpful to make your holidays successful. One can also opt for pre-holiday massage in this regard is quite valuable to manage your stress and strain.
  • Going for holiday without any preparations can be really hectic and leads to confusion as well. So, it’s better for the couples to discuss in advance regarding the things they would like to do on holidays. Some couples just want to relax by the beach side while some others just love to explore through the markets and other sightseeing places. Compromise with the things for your partner’s happiness and spend some quality time by enjoying things.
  • Only when planned for such holidays, couples realize that they have lost the habit of face to face conversation. To make your relationship still stronger it becomes quite essential to discuss little of little things together and caring and respects for each other dreams and hopes.
  • S2

Holidays are the best time to discuss and focus on the things which need to be done. They are the ideal time to make for intimacy and show love for each other. You can even discuss the most sensitive things of life.

Holidays really provide healthy opportunities to put aside all your work pressure and stress and interact with your spouse like how you were used to be earlier. By spending some quality time together, you can revisit the things and qualities which attracted you at first sight. Make use of this time to reconnect your relation like earlier and try to remind yourself that how good it would be to stay spend time together with love and care. Make use of this golden opportunity to relax, respect each other feeling and communicate with each other. Remember that the holidays are the best time to refresh yourself as well as your partner.

Does Sex On The First Date Make Me A Slut?

The first date can turn into a raunchy adventure when sex becomes a part of the whole affair. A person is not known very well in the first instance in the first date. The casual sexual desires and one night stands are now accepted in the 21st century. But, it is still looked down especially from the perspective of the women who are treated as a slut and not a girlfriend material anymore. Slut word indicates being loose in character.

Love at first sight is very much possible and sexual activities on the first date can possibly add more meaning due to the intimate connection shared from the very beginning. The pace of transforming the relation into a serious one is increased at many times with this act on the positive note.

The negative opinions and results of sex on first date

Having sex on the first date can be a thoughtless and spontaneous action but a temporary delight and pleasure some experience. Sex is definitely a part and parcel for a successful love relationship, hence it is best to understand the sexual traits of the people we date. However, this can also mean one can have sex with every tom, dick and harry one dates. Dating on the first date can bring suspicious thoughts that this is a normal and often repeated activity of the girl, hence many a times questions are raised on her character.

Having sex is considered a man’s penchant and the girls who do this are often tagged as slut in many societies or a male chauvinist society. This is also not pardonable for some girls who are denied to date the same guy again for life by their parents or others who come to know.

Sleeping with a guy without knowing him enough can be counterproductive in case the guy or the girl is found not a perfect match in the emotional measures even their physical attractions may be at the peak levels. Sex is not the only thing for the relationship survival, it is better to first kindle love, care and concern before being sexually industrious with any person. There are success cases of people staying together happily for years after a first date sex.

Biased society regarding sex rules


When and how to do sex is often a personal prerogative and choice but the society has made certain rules which needs to be followed. Especially, even when the sex is done with the consent of both the men and women, the character of the women is first soiled in a biased society when having sex on the first date. Nowadays, the modern day girls liberal in all ways also take a back seat when considering for sex in the first few dates to conform to the traditional beliefs. Also, many believe lust is what empowers sexual desires in the first date and of course this is not love by all means. Also, there are people who like having sex without anything in return and hence the judgemental society have no impact on their sexual strides of such people.

Dealing With An Unexpected Marriage Proposal

Many people have the impression that a proposal for marriage needs to be accepted gladly, mainly if it comes from a suitable person. But it should be understood, that before accepting such a proposal, both of them should know each other clearly and they should be mentally prepared to hear and accept it. Therefore, it is best for the interest of both to reject such marriage proposal, with a true response, so that both can be saved from the burden of a forced relationship.

  1. Speak clearly of your intention of not marrying that person

Whenever any friend or a known person proposes, it is better to give him/her a straight reply that will plainly state your decision of rejecting that offer. But it is necessary to reject politely, showing respect for his/her feelings for you, unless that person behaves too aggressively, so that he/she is not too shocked for this rejection. You can suggest carrying on the friendship, instead of getting married to him/her.

Do not be silent or too timid to reject instantly


Whenever someone proposes a person, he/she expects a positive response. So if you keep quiet in answer, that person will take it for acceptance of the offer and will start hoping for marriage. Therefore, it is best to reject it outright, if you are seriously not ready for this proposal, to save that person from more agony, if rejected later.

  1. Never take much time to think over the proposal
  • In case of a sudden proposal from a person who may happen to be a friend, you may feel of thinking over it. Hence, that person should be told clearly that you are not accepting the offer right away and need some time to think over it carefully, as you were not ready to hear it at all, so that he/she will not take it as any kind of positive signal.
  • Moreover, too much time should not be taken to consider all the aspects of such a proposal. You may consult your parents or siblings for advice, but the final answer need to be given as fast as possible, to put an end to this matter.
  1. Do not let your body language be deceptive for the other person

When a person is proposing you, do not make the mistake of smiling or behaving in such manner that makes him/her think positively about your consent for this offer. Then his/her hopes will rise high and it will really cost that person huge emotional blow, when you will finally refuse him/her approach. Even if he/she proposes you in public, just look straight at that person seriously and state your point in a low, but clear tone that make him/her understand that this matter is over.

  1. Never accept the proposal under any emotional pressure

Sometimes, it may be difficult to refuse a good friend flatly, but never submit to the emotions of that person and do not be forced to accept his/her marriage proposal, which will lead to massive chaos for both of you in later life and make you repent for that momentarily consent.